Jana Vackova

Born in the Czech Republic, Jana Vackova found her true calling quite by chance while working in the film and fashion industry. For the last ten years, Jana has made Vancouver her home and photography her life and passion. Appreciated for her edgy style and cinematic composition, Jana's talents have beckoned her to exotic lands and lavish events.

Renown for her unrelenting energy, ferocious dedication and expertise, Jana seamlessly captures any occasion amidst ever-changing scenarios. Vowing never to miss even a single moment, Jana is able to be everywhere-at-once, a skill learned from shooting actors on chaotic and restrictive movie sets. With unparalleled intuition and imagination, she sees what others may never notice, recording even the tiniest details that make up the big picture.

Jana creates a relaxed and spontaneous environment that immediately puts her subjects at ease, allowing her to capture the glory and beauty of the human spirit. She is often praised for her ability to get that perfect perspective, virtually disappearing into the background. So much so, it has been said that the photographs are the only evidence of her presence. She simply loves weddings and is intoxicated by the beauty, the ceremony and pageantry. Jana's goal is simple: to take her surroundings, the people and elements therein, and create graceful and fluid stories.